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We provide steam to industrial users on a rand-per-ton basis through the installation and/or optimisation of boilers and the management of the steam generation operation.

This allows our clients to focus and allocate capital to core business processes, while having their steam supplied reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Free up capital - remove utility assets off balance sheet.

Reduce Risk - operational risk and regulatory responsibilities are transferred.

Peace of mind - steam generation is in the hands of experienced boiler professionals with a proven track record.


Reconditioned Industrial Steam Boilers

Dryden is South Africa’s leading supplier of Reconditioned Boilers. We carry stock of all sizes and fuel types. All Boilers are overhauled, parts requiring replacement are replaced and finally they are inspected by an Approved Third party accredited company.

Cost effective (without compromising on quality) – up to 40% saving vs a new boiler.

Faster delivery turn-around.

New Industrial Boilers

Dryden, in association with Cochrane Engineering, are manufacturers of best-in-class package boilers to sub-saharan Africa. Dryden is also a distributor for Bosch steam boilers and Ferroli steam and hot water boilers. The product range includes industrial steam boilers, industrial hot water boilers, combustion and control equipment and product support. Dryden also manufacturers Purbek Hot water boilers.

Uncompromising quality and asset lifespan.

Lower overall expected maintenance.

Hot Water Boilers available ex stock, meaning immediately available.


Hot water Boilers

Steel hot water generator with pressurized combustion chamber, capable of operating in combination with a pressure jet burner on liquid or gaseous fuel. Completely water cooled combustion chamber, sized to ensure low heating loads. Furnace with flame reversal and low heating load. Range consisting of 25 models with rated outputs from 92 to 6 000 kW.

The modular design gives flexibly to the installation and variable output from 66Kw upwards. The hot water heaters are designed for long life operation where large volumes of service hot water are required.

The hot water heater’s slim design gives it a very small foot print and installation can be done through a standard door frame. Unlike conventional boilers, the cast iron sections are horizontal and the water flow through the sections is in series, not parallel resulting in improved heat transfer and consequent reduction in boiler size.

Consistent water flow through each section reduces tendency to overheat and eventual cracking of the cast iron surfaces. The water content is also considerably reduced giving a very quick heat up time.



Dryden offers Long and short term boiler hire/rental solutions (Short term (1-12 months) and Long term (1 year +) Rental.


Stock holding of all fuel types and Boiler sizes ensures minimum downtime in emergency situations.

A long term operating rental has the real benefit of having monthly instalments that are up to 50% lower than that of a commercial bank, thereby significantly improving cash-flow.


Dryden Combustion uses proprietary boiler control technology with real-time monitoring systems to continuously optimise steam generation – a benefit we share with our customers.

The purpose of automation is to achieve:

Steam pressure control: Experience a stable steam supply under varying operating load conditions.

Boiler Efficiency: Boiler efficiency is primarily driven by control of excess air (air-fuel ratio). Using frequency inverters and electronic fuel trim control coal usage is reduced. The reduction in usage is typically between 8% and 15% when compared to electro-mechanical or manual control systems.

Boiler Preservation Motors run much slower with gentle startup and shutdown, reducing maintenance and increasing economic life expectancy.

Dryden develops, manufactures and supplies Optiflame High Efficiency Control Panels. These panels utilise VSD’s and Plc with touch screen panel (HMI) which enables user friendly control of fans and stokers for optimized combustion efficiency.


Improves efficiency and boiler preservation, resulting in lower operating costs.

Panels are customisable, and the customer interface is user-friendly.

Backed up by 24 Hour support.

Our advanced system has an optional real-time, remote monitoring system installed that enables dedicated professionals to monitor this critical part of your operation.   With all significant operating parameters continuously at our disposal, performance deviations can be detected in good time and boiler operators can be instructed to intervene, if and when required.  This will keep the boiler running at the highest efficiency, and may prevent steam supply interruptions.

Reduced coal usage of 12% is common with this technology, with reductions in excess of 20% having been recorded. Electricity savings is equally impressive at up to 40%. Further advantages are reduced mechanical wear of fans and motors, and substantially reduced noise levels and emissions.


Unigas Burners

We are the exclusive agent for the full range of CIB Unigas burners in Southern Africa. Unigas was formed in 1972 and has developed burners to meet the needs of many clients, designing a range of burners for all fuels including natural gas, L.P gas, bio gas, heavy and light oils and dual fuel burners. This extensive range is available in all capacities to meet requirements from domestic and hotel usage to large hospitals, buildings and industry.

Wide range of burners and spares in stock.

24/7 Service and support.



Boiler Spares

Dryden Combustion carries a comprehensive range of boiler spares for all makes of boilers. Our spares range from stoker spares, boiler tubes, valves, gaskets, grit collectors, fans, etc.

Ash & Coal Handling Equipment

Dryden Combustion manufactures a range of coal and ash handling equipment to suit client requirements.

Boiler Feed Pumps

GRUNDFOS boiler feed water pumps are recognised as the most widely used pumps on shell boiler applications. Dryden Combustion has been appointed as an accredited agent for GRUNDFOS Pumps and is able to supply a wide range of pumps and spares at short notice.


Dryden offers a full range of services relating to boiler maintenance and repairs. Our field service teams are always available to deliver:

Major boiler repairs, boiler retubes, stoker conversions, boiler cleaning and valve overhauls.

12 and 36 month statutory boiler inspections, emissions testing and coal and ash handling. Dryden is in the process of being ISO9001 certified and is dedicated to the ongoing quality management process.

Conversions of boilers from coal to gas / oil.

Full service teams available 24/7.

Major on-site repairs anywhere in Southern Africa.

Competitive pricing, quality service and a commitment to reduced downtime.

Accredited Third Party repair certification.


We supply critical boiler operator training to your staff ensuring optimal performance and risk reduction.

Lowers fuel costs Decreases maintenance costs.

Minimises down time and factory production.

Losses caused by poor operation.

Reduces the risk of dangerous and expensive accidents.

Increases efficiency of the boiler.

Each trainee will receive a Certificate of Competence on successful completion of the course.

Identifying the component parts by name and knowing their function and how to test them.

Preliminary checks undertaken by the operator before lighting up the boiler and raising steam pressure.

The CORRECT way to light a fire and raise steam pressure.

Maintaining steam pressure safely and efficiently.

Banking the fire correctly

Starting up from a banked fire

Emergency procedures

Shutdown and standby procedure

Problems and remedies