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monthly savings

“We have seen a definite efficiency bump and need to get our operators and engineers to understand how and why you control the boiler like you do.”
Tebogo Ndhlovu, Energy & Fluids Manager – Polokwane Brewery

DATE: 2015

LOCATION: Polokwane

PROJECT SIZE: 2 x 20T Boilers

TECHNOLOGY: Coal fired boiler, Optiflame ID fan-leading control software with O2 optimisation


Project Background

The 2 x 20t/h boilers were previously controlled by the OEM software, which was upgraded to the BCT control philosophy in 2015. This solution included the use of O2 sensors. In a recent test, the old software was run on the plant for a few months, set up as effective as possible. Then the new software was activated again, and an efficiency improvement of 7.6% on average was measured over the next week, even though the client only utilises 7t/h capacity. This translates to projected savings of ~R54k per month.