Steam & combustion division

The Steam & combustion division at Energy Partners offers steam outsourcing, boiler- control optimisation and monitoring, and boiler sales.

Steam outsourcing

Steam is sold to industrial users on a rand-per-ton basis through the installation and/or optimisation of boilers, and the management of the steam generation operation. This allows clients to focus and allocate capital to core business processes, while having their steam supplied in a reliable, sustainable and cost effective manner.

With over 75 years of combined experience in steam outsourcing, boiler maintenance and steam supply optimisation, Energy Partners has the expertise required to look after this critical part of your operation.

By outsourcing their steam operation, Pioneer’s Ceres Fruit Juices in Wadeville is saving over R400,000 per month compared to their previous steam generation process, without the hassle and cost associated with a new coal-boiler operation.

Control optimisation and monitoring services

Combustion automation aims at optimising the cost of raising steam.

At the heart of our technology is a programmable logic controller (plc) with touch screen operator panel (HMI) for accurate modulating control of the steam raising process, whilst frequency inverters driving the fan and stoker motors add to the integrity of control and significantly reduce the use of electricity.

Users have a choice of optional controls and devices, including soft starters for feed pumps, soot blower and blow down automation, stack temperature monitoring, gas analysis and oxygen trim control, steam flow metering, on-line boiler efficiency display, automatic TDS control, steam and water flow meters, data logging, remote boiler monitoring, SCADA, on-line data management, etc.

One of the advanced options is to have a real-time, remote monitoring system installed that enables dedicated professionals to monitor this critical part of your operation.   With all significant operating parameters continuously at our disposal, performance deviations can be detected in good time and boiler operators can be instructed to intervene, if and when required.  This will keep the boiler running at the highest efficiency, and may prevent steam supply interruptions.

Reduced coal usage of 12% is common with this technology, with reductions in excess of 20% having been recorded. Electricity savings is equally impressive at up to 40%. Further advantages are reduced mechanical wear of fans and motors, and substantially reduced noise levels and emissions.



Boiler Sales

We offer a range of boilers for sale, as part of turnkey solutions, or for use in steam outsource contracts.


In addition to these boilers Energy Partners owns the Southern African distribution rights for Zozen boilers – a water tube boiler made to highest standards and certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). These boilers are supplied with our own advanced control automation panels and real-time monitoring systems.

Case study
Client saving: ~R5 million per year

Energy Partners is selling its steam to one of Pioneer’s Food & Beverage production plants on a rand-per-ton basis, at a significantly lower cost than their previous steam operation.

A commercial agreement was entered into with Pioneer whereby Energy Partners provides steam at a pre-determined price, with no up-front capital investment required from the client. Our teams managed the boiler installation, and are subsequently managing and maintaining the steam generation operation on the Pioneer premises, resulting in a substantial reduction in operational expenditure for the client.


What our clients say

"The Wadeville steam outsourcing project has been a great success. Significant savings have been realised without large preceding capital expenditure. In addition, the new boiler operations have not been a distraction to plant management, allowing everyone to focus on their core."

—Ceres Fruit Juices – Wadeville


"We are saving R30,000 per month on coal purchases alone after replacing a first generation electronic combustion control system installed some 8 years ago."

—Dairy farm in the Free State


"We purchase 20% less coal per month."

—Building materials manufacturer, Klipriver


"Coal consumption is down by 120 tons per month."

—Manufacturer in Ladysmith


"The reduction in noise levels alone is a huge improvement."

—Manufacturer in Rosslyn