Heating, cooling, air conditioning & refrigeration

The Heating & Cooling Division provides high-performing products and services to the commercial, industrial and hospitality industries. Our core capability centers around the optimisation of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle, resulting in the lowest possible life cycle cost. The design philosophy is guided by the trade-offs between:

  • High Efficiency
  • High Availability
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low Maintenance Cost

We offer our solutions on two payment models, both aimed at reducing overall cost, increasing service quality and offering peace of mind

  • Fully outsourced – minimum upfront capital combined with attractive all inclusive monthly fees that can be linked to usage.
  • Turnkey with maintenance – progress-based implementation payments, with monitoring-based maintenance available during and after the guarantee period.
Commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration Outsourcing

We provide refrigeration outsourcing services by leasing refrigeration systems to clients. This model requires EP to take full responsibility for all capital investments, plant maintenance and performance, while our clients enjoy all the benefits of an efficient refrigeration plant (cost saving, reliability and quality) without the need to invest their own capital. This is an ideal solution for new projects where capital is a constraint or where the owner would prefer to focus on investing in their core business, instead of owning and operating a refrigeration system.
In the case of existing inefficient or end-of-life systems, it allows us to efficiently retrofit projects to become cash-flow positive and pay back sooner. We also ensure that the savings targets are met and maintained through our monitoring-based maintenance program.

Example: Abattoir Refrigeration Outsourcing

System configuration: Multiplex compressor racks with evaporative condenser and direct expansion evaporators.

System provided on an outsourcing model:

  • Three multiplex refrigeration racks
  • One evaporative condenser with three circuits

Refrigeration capacity: Medium Temperature: 298 kWR

Low Temperature: 133 kWR

Monthly comprehensive outsourcing fee: R43 000


Refrigeration Efficiency Improvement

We also provide Refrigeration optimisation services to reduce energy consumption of existing refrigeration systems through the following main interventions:

  • Load reduction
  • Re-commissioning and/or upgrading of existing controls to improve system COP
  • Replacing inefficient or end-of-life compressors, condensers and evaporators with new efficient units – available on a rental basis.


The above interventions were implemented on 47 PnP retail stores, resulting in refrigeration energy savings between 20% and 47%. With refrigeration typically responsible for ~50% of energy consumption, this related to overall savings of between 10% - 24%.

Industrial refrigeration

Similar to our commercial refrigeration offerings, we also offer efficient and reliable industrial refrigeration solutions on an outsourced basis. This allows our clients to avoid the trade-off between low upfront capital costs or low operating costs that usually has to be made when self-financing.

Our team has significant experience in developing solutions to optimise the energy use and operating performance of complex industrial processes.

Example: Cheese Factory combined heating and cooling plant outsourcing

System configuration: Multiplex compressor rack integrated with a chiller and high temperature heat pumps to provide space cooling, hot water and chilled water for process cooling. This system replaced an existing combination of simplex condensing units and a paraffin boiler to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Refrigeration capacity: 276 kWR @ 5-12 °C

Heating capacity: 182 kW @ 78 °C

Monthly comprehensive outsourced fee: R49 000

Case studies
Energy saving compared to previous technology: 71%

Energy Partners recently optimised the energy usage of a refrigeration plant for a cheese factory that produces 120 tons of warm whey per month. The new design included: two high temperature heat pumps which produced hot water at 78°c and cold water at 7°c. The hot water generated by the heat pumps replaced the existing boilers in the pasteurising process. All the excess heat generated by the refrigeration plant is now used to heat up municipal supply water and is monitored by our advanced remote monitoring and control system. The entire upgrade was funded by Energy Partners at a total cost of R3.1M.

This upgrade project resulted in reduced energy usage, increased profits from day one and no disruption to the client's production line.

Average saving: R2-million per year

In 2013, I&J contracted Energy Partners to optimise the energy usage of their industrial ice making plant located in the Cape Town Harbour. An end-to-end plant redesign was undertaken which resulted in an almost 50% reduction in energy consumption, while at the same time increasing ice-making capacity by 12%. The project was implemented at a total cost of R5.3-million and met all safety and security standards (SANS). No disruption to the production process resulted from the upgrade.