Water heating solutions division

The Energy Partners water heating solutions division completes water heating projects on a ‘turnkey’ basis. We design, supply, install and maintain water heating systems all under one roof, thereby simplifying the process for our clients resulting in saved time and money. Solutions can be provided in the following ways:

  • Fully outsourced  Minimum to no upfront capital required, our clients only pay for what they use on a R/kL or R/kWh (heating) basis. Full monitoring and maintenance of the system is included at no extra cost.
  • Turnkey  Progress-based implementation payments with monitoring-based maintenance available during and after the guarantee period.
Domestic water heating

We provide customised heat pump solutions for domestic applications which are market leading in terms of lifecycle costs and reliability. We specialise in the design and installation of efficient centralised water heating systems including the hot water ring, tanks, and heat pumps. We also provide our clients with cost effective and easy means of billing tenants for hot water if necessary.

We have extensive experience providing water heating solutions for hospitals, student housing and apartment blocks. We provide our clients with optional service level agreements to maintain the systems as well as full monitoring packages so that our clients can track their consumption, plant performance and efficiency.


Installed heat pump capacity and hot water storage  152kW, 20 000L
Project cost  R1,300,000
Annual savings  R350,000

Student Accommodation
Installed heat pump capacity and hot water storage  76kW, 10 000L
Project cost  R720,000
Annual savings  R220,000

Industrial water heating

We offer unique water heating solutions with excellent paybacks, or at a cost per kL or kWh cheaper than existing systems. We have extensive experience with industrial heat pump systems and heat recovery and can design systems to provide clients with hot water at specified volumes and temperatures. We strive to provide the most energy efficient water heating solutions possible while also focusing on lifecycle costs and reliability.


Electroplating Plant
Installed heat pump capacity  19kW
Annual outsourcing Fee  R24,000
Annual saving  R62,000

Wine Bottling
Installed heat pump capacity  171kW
Consumption charge  R0.78/kWh
Annual saving  R 90,832